What Are The Top 5 App Retention Hints In Phonegap App Development?

According to Brain and Company, customer satisfaction has increased by 10%, the company’s total value has increased by 30%, and it is no exaggeration to say that in the current era of connectivity, mobile solutions have a reputation for customer satisfaction is the key role. Mobile consumer catering services require a prudent investment in mobile application development services. Today’s users are not satisfied with any low quality experience. They want the best app.

Although there is no shortage of frameworks related to mobile application development, PhoneGap stands out for its ability to transfer human touch to digital technology. PhoneGap, also known as Apache Cordova, provides application developers and app developer brisbane with a set of resources to create cognitive applications that seamlessly connect to users. This article describes the top 5 user satisfaction tips to follow when developing a PhoneGap application.

  1. Add more power to your application

Typically, users only use 25% of the applications they own. The more advantages users have, the longer the application will last.

There are several reasons for ignoring or rejecting an application, one of which is a better option available. According to trusted companies such as comScore or Flurry, which track customer experience on different mobile platforms, 18% of users abandoned the application when they found a better choice. Fortunately, PhoneGap hosts a full set of APIs that allow applications to make extensive use of device features such as address books, accelerometers, cameras, and more.

  1. Contact the user

Approximately 23% of users ignore the use of the app after first use. Use the agreement to contact the user. The number of these users has increased dramatically since 2015.

Users are more willing to interact with the app when providing a real experience. Designers need to focus on using more real-world objects in their applications, rather than snapshots such as buttons and menus. Animations and sounds can also be added to the user experience. However, before including these elements, you should consider the psychology of your target audience.

  1. Provide a local experience

The user has nothing to do with the structure used by the developer like the one app developer brisbane. For him, the only thing that matters is experience.

Android, iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, etc., users of their apps are everywhere. But they have different tastes and interests. A device-based operating system is very important to provide the right experience. PhoneGap app developers should focus on using as many native properties as possible when addressing device platforms. Fortunately, Adobe provides Cordova Build to facilitate the PhoneGap application development process. Compile encoding, which converts high-level languages ​​into machine languages, and is automatically written for developers (app developer brisbane) based on the requirements of the target platform.

  1. Provide speed

If there is no problem with the first attempt, only 16% of the users try to use the application more than twice.

Whether you are the owner of the application or the developer (app developer brisbane) responsible for the development (web application development brisbane), you may need to provide an incredibly fast application. Therefore, developers of PhoneGap applications should try to optimize the code as much as possible. Fortunately, PhoneGap has a great debugger to remove unwanted or outdated code and remove the required code. The rest of the work is done by Cordova Build to ensure that the user has an optimized application.

  1. Offline support

About a quarter of users want to have an offline mode app. They also want to customize the mode configuration to save data consumption.

Mobile is everywhere, it should be your app. Try to entertain your users with the maximum amount of information or services they can perform, even if they are disconnected. Use Cordova Network/Connecting Accessories to make it secure.