Rules Of Restaurant Marketing

I recently received an email from my marketing mentor who mentioned a famous saying: “If you continue to do this, you will get the same result.” The interesting thing about this email is that it explains the current economy. This is no longer the case in China. What he is trying to say is that what worked six months ago does not work today. Consumers are rapidly changing their spending habits. We need to work harder to attract this customer and stay that way.

Coming back from the holidays, I realized that I did the same thing in marketing. It only depends on several ways to attract new customers and restore my customers.

I immediately took steps to create a new happy hour. Instead of offering a half-price snack, I started to process all my snacks at the all-day discount, but the price was more than half. After doing this for a few months, I realized that I made more money through snacks. In addition, anyone who dine at our restaurant can enjoy a 50% discount on bowling. This encourages cross-promotion between the restaurant and the bowling center.

Then I created an online back-to-school coupon, and potential customers should enter their email address to receive it. Not only does this help you understand how many coupons are uploaded for the right employee, but it also allows you to email any other offers you may have in the future.

In addition, I posted a survey of four questions to understand what customers want on our menu. If the customer completes the survey, he will get a $5 food voucher and people can get the money for free, especially if they just say what they like to eat! Just make sure the survey is short and accurate.

Our next promotion is that kids can enjoy it for free every day when they buy an adult meal. Many families are savvy buyers in this economy, and if they can save without coupons, they will get out of the woods. This is a big one! The family is looking for a place to save. If they can eat what they want without having to eat for their children, they will come with their companionship.

We are also starting to promote with all local hotels. You can print discount Wolt Rabattkod cards that can be delivered or published in hotel magazines. Make sure the address of your website is visible in all marketing ads in all ads.

Finally, we send an email to our database to celebrate our 10th anniversary. Be sure to send an email to your customers for reasons such as birthday, birthday or holiday. Always offer some incentives to attract them to the restaurant.

Another thing you can do is celebrate your birthday, not only to give them special offers, but if they arrive on the anniversary, they are also given a sealed envelope with a special coupon they can’t open. Before the second arrival. The discount includes a free menu, free lunch, 12 people without bowls and more. Also, consider offering a good price. The purpose of this sealed envelope is to attract people back. Be sure to set the expiration date for using sealed envelopes.

The other thing you can do is to provide “everything you can eat on the menu when you buy a meal.” For example, instead of offering a discount (wolt rabattkod 100 kr) on a specific item, try to provide everything you can eat French fries, buy a meal or anything you can eat from a shrimp. No matter what your name is, this is the best article.

For those who have a bar in the restaurant, consider marketing by offering alcohol as an adjunct to the meal, rather than as a stoppage. Create a place where people can take their children, but adults can still have a good drink at dinner. This will eliminate the possibility that people will not go to restaurants because they have bars.