How To Make Online Capsa Susun Deposits At Capsasusun.Vip?

Easy Ways to Make Online Capsa Susun Deposits

Online gambling games at are now the choice of many people in Indonesia. One of the reasons that makes capsa stacked up by most people is that it is easy to play online bets compared to offline or ordinary bets. Now the means to place a game capsa stacking is no longer a gambling place such as land gambling bookies, but one of the better known means of online gambling sites.

Players who want to play and place bets in it no longer need to bring cash to an offline gambling place. This offline gambling game certainly has an insecure security aspect and less playing comfort. But with you playing with online gambling sites you only need to have a personal bank account so you can make transactions during play and can play safely and comfortably.

In the online gambling game at there is a process of filling funds or getting known deposits and also when you win a bet and get a win money, you can immediately withdraw your funds to your personal account or can be called withdrawal.

Easy Ways to Make Online Capsa Susun Deposits

Even though this online gambling game is already popular among the gambling world and many players like it, there are many new players who don’t understand how to deposit or withdraw. The main thing about this deposit is to get the chips playing. Among the players, deposits are usually shortened to DP. The thing that is meant is that the deposit is the purchase of chips with real money.

Deposits in online stacking games are very important. When you do not make a deposit, then you will not have a chip to play stacking and of course you cannot place a bet. That way you can automatically not enter the betting game. Therefore you must know how to deposit first. The following steps must be followed

What to do when making a deposit?

  • Before you make a deposit you must make sure you have a play account, with the ID and password that will be used to make a deposit. If you don’t have an ID, please register yourself first by filling out the registration form. The thing that is very important to note is that the site account can change at any time without prior notice.
  • For you to know the active account, the players can immediately find the menu after you log in.
  • After that you can directly transfer funds or money that you want to deposit into the account listed on the gambling site. Should not throw out the transfer proof if the deposit has not been processed.
  • After you have finished the transfer, please do the login process again.
  • Then you only need to fill in the fund form that you have deposited according to the data listed. Wait for about 5 minutes until the deposit process is complete.
  • If you have waited too long but the deposit fund is not already in your account, you can immediately contact customer service via live chat to confirm the deposit that has been transferred.
  • After the funds have been successfully entered, you can immediately place a bet and immediately play the online capsa stacking game at vip.

Above is an easy way for you to make a deposit, choose a trusted and safe gambling site for you to visit. Register yourself soon! we will be ready to serve there 24 hours a day