How To Choose The Right Natural Health Supplement?

In today’s society, it is almost impossible to get the right vitamins, minerals, herbs and other nutrients from our diet. Many, if not all, need to consume daily supplements like the patriot power greens to ensure that our bodies have everything they need to continue to work and without disease. With the popularity of the natural health industry, the number of ineffective products will continue to grow. Many companies prefer you to buy your product instead of making sure you get the so-called “pill” bottle. So how can we provide us with the best products? There is an easy way to choose the best product for our body; from daily multivitamins to specific treatments for the disease. Here are some things you should be aware of when choosing the next natural supplement.

Choose whole food instead of multivitamins

One of the biggest mistakes people make is to buy a multivitamin made from synthetic vitamins (made by humans) and minerals that the body cannot fully absorb. When humans produce vitamins and minerals, our body thinks it is “fake” and does not absorb large amounts of vitamins. Have you ever wondered why the urine will turn yellow after taking a multivitamin? This is the result of our body excreting excess vitamins and minerals, which are not absorbed. The best way to ensure that your body absorbs the most is to eat a multivitamin “all food.” This means that every time a product contains natural foods, herbs and other natural resources, they are the best choice. For example, broccoli contains a lot of vitamin K. It is best to take supplements containing broccoli instead of taking vitamin K supplements. Always choose a complete dietary supplement like the patriot power greens that contains synthetic vitamins.

Avoid the use of fillers, adhesives and other synthetic materials

Regrettably, more than 80% of natural health companies add fillers and binders to their supplements. A filler is a filler that the company puts in a capsule (or any other tablet used) to fill the remaining space of the actual product that is not filled. For example, if a 500 mg capsule contains only 400 mg of product, they will be placed with 100 mg of filler to supplement the 500 mg dose. Fillers are synthetic and may be harmful to our body. Some of the fillers used are partially hydrogenated soybean oils that can cause cancer. Although this concern is not as good as avoiding the use of synthetic vitamins, it is best to use products that avoid fillers, binders and artificial ingredients. If the product does not contain fillers, it is usually placed on the label as it separates them from most natural health companies.

About the benefits of enteric coating

An enteric-coated supplement is a supplement with a layer that allows the tablet to avoid dissolution in the stomach and into the intestine (small). This is where most of the vitamins and minerals are absorbed. Although this has caused a lot of attention, for some reason I am not worried. If you follow the instructions to consume a complete dietary supplement, your stomach will have to digest these foods, which will allow the vitamins and minerals to pass. In addition, if people consume natural supplements (patriot power greens) such as acid reflux, enteric coatings almost eliminate all the meaning of supplements. I am not interested in enteric coating unless it is personal preference. By saying this, I recommend using certain vitamins and minerals for enteric coatings; however, this is not a big problem.