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How To Become A Real Estate Agent- Marina One Residences Singapore

Definition of a real estate agent

The real estate agent’s job is to make real estate transactions, sell, buy or rent all types of properties: houses, apartments, buildings, business premises. It is a professional intermediary in real estate transactions. Its goal is to find a buyer or tenant for your property and it affère all necessary tasks to ensure all financial and legal guarantees for the sale of the property or its location.

Training to become a real estate agent- Marina One Residences Singapore

The job is usually learned internally (on the job) once employed in a real estate agency(Marina One Residences Singapore). To become a real estate agent there are several different courses ranging from BAC + 2 minimum to BAC + 5 master trade or law.


BAC + 2: The possible formations from the LAC are: BTS commercial action, a law degree, a BTS real estate profession (training sought to become a real estate agent) and a director of DEUST properties in Lyon and Toulon.

BAC + 3: At this level there are many professional licenses specialized in the real estate business and real estate law; management and real estate law; management of rental and social housing management organizations; real estate management;

BAC + 5: Master’s degree in IUP management and business management option project engineering of buildings, planning and real estate law; project management and property management; In particular, there are specialized schools such as: the Higher School of Real Estate Professions, the National Institute of Real Estate (INSIM), the French School of Property Administrators.

By the validation of professional experience- Marina One Residences Singapore

The VAE is a device that allows to obtain all or part of a certification on the basis of professional experience as an employee or non-salaried, volunteer or volunteer. The experience gained is validated by a jury. All certifications are registered in the National Directory of Professional Certifications (RNCP) once the VAE acquired. To become a real estate agent with a VAE certificate, at least three years of paid, non-salaried, volunteer or volunteer activities related to this certificate must be provided. The Jury takes into account the activities carried out continuously or discontinuously full-time or part-time in France or abroad. The activity time is calculated by cumulation. The Jury does not take into account the initial or continuous training,

What must be remembered is that one can quite become a real estate agent without a diploma by validating professional achievements. Once the VAE in your pocket, the Prefecture gives you the professional card of the real estate agent attesting that you have the skills required to practice the profession.

Obtaining the professional card to become a real estate agent- Marina One Residences Singapore

There are three professional cards to be able to practice the profession of real estate agent. The map entitled: “real estate transactions and goodwill”, the “real estate management” card and the “merchant list” card. The card is valid for ten years. To have the professional card, it is necessary to have a diploma (BTS commercial action, license of right, or master specialized in the property management …) or to justify at least three years of experience (VAE). In the case where the professional has neither, he must have at least ten years of professional experience or four years of professional experience if he is a manager.

The working conditions of a real estate agent- Marina One Residences Singapore

The real estate agent works almost exclusively in a real estate agency(Marina One Residences Singapore). These are either franchised branches in the form of a network (ORPI, Century 21, Guy Hoquet …) or independent real estate agencies. The real estate agent must at least have a driving license because he must have a very high mobility. He is always on the move to visit and visit apartments and houses. Real estate agents must be able to organize well with an agenda always full two weeks in advance. They have long days, finish late at night and they even work Saturdays. A novice real estate agent earns the SMIC (fixed portion of the salary) and up to € 3,000 gross monthly (variable portion of the salary).

Opportunities for real estate management training- Marina One Residences Singapore

There are several opportunities in the field of real estate. Graduates occupy various positions in the field of managing rental properties and condominiums in real estate agencies, but also in the professional practices of selling goods in promotion-construction companies, among companies’ insurance or at the notaries are potential employers.