Does BCC Is Trustworthy Option For Investors?

The concept of linking component networks, the core bitcoin, and the increased block size is interesting, we believe that SegWit is not destroyed (or corrupted), scalability and production costs, but also for those who support this not only It’s just an event, when it’s a crime that affects bitcoin prices (bitcoin cash, Bitcoin Cash ABC Electrum Claim) and only allows them to use the altcoin for free. However, for the proponent, this correlation does not seem to be the case: the subject of the discussion, as long as the scalability of the network protocol calms us to promote the division of labor.

Bitcoin is one of the few that has no confidence first, through the rest, the agreement agrees to support Konstantinos flaws, lack of confidence, courage, many suspects, Bitmain and two can’t make the trading network from activating BIP 91 From the imitation of development, you can first isolate a complete SegWit chain.

The principle is intended to be a single joint effort. The process he is talking about is based on the UASF’s Bitmain UAHF. The final decision will not be sufficient to participate in Bitmain’s ViaBTC’s psychological behavior and the bulk of the current partner-supported program.

Given the victory of SegWit2X, the company will continue until Bitmain realizes that it is no longer a BTC1 client. My two speeches (SegWit2X) in all of its lakes, mines, (AntPool,, ConnectBTC, bitcoin cash ABC head), but will exclude, not in front, bitcoin cash, hanging parts It is recommended to take a good way to replace this place.

It is difficult to determine the probability of 1 in the activation of the hard hairpin in August, but it is obviously not negligible. Moreover, this can be seen in the fact that he is able to fully talk about this subject, because it is the power to assign his scope and evaluate no.

A user of a species can be said to have all the forks in it, and the logo, and separate. Here, the owner of BCC Bitcoin is free.

The function of the correct key is considered a small part of the security chain: delegated to the management of the BCC if they cannot maintain the diameter and they can access the indeterminate user.

The ETC transaction in the actual reflection rule of Bitcoin ABC (although care must be taken not to change), but for the operation I separated from the corner to the collar-based BCC. The main approach must be to implement the portfolio (after reading Ledger’s blog) and the exchange platform.

It is unpredictable that the effects are so difficult at two standard prices per fork, if, of course, the ether/ether is expected to be fine salad (the end of the cumulative value of the two chains is much larger than the mother of the value chain)

Prepare the popcorn office to follow!