Casino Raid Movies – บา คา ร่า

Of course, Hollywood admitted that Hollywood could be successful with Casino Raids’ money. So, some lead movies have already turned into casinos in first class casting. In particular, we recommend the following two stripes.

Most people know about the movie “Ocean’s Eleven” in 1960, but it was published in 2001 and was published in George Clooney, Matt Damon, Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts in Las Vegas Casino (บา คา ร่า) and the coup of her life.

Danny Ocean played by George Clooney was paroled for several years for mitigation, he specifically planned during detention and passed directly to the crime. He wants to pay a cash box at the famous “Bellagio” casino hotel in Las Vegas. Because we know that about 160 million dollars will be stored from safe sources. To the Danny to implement this raid including gaming table director, fireworks, electronic experts, automakers, pickpockets and china, while located in the bolt metro deep possible all safety precaution and 70 m bunker Together we will provide eleven team acrobats. In the course of preparation, they look at the casino and check the security notes.

They can study the building plan, access various documents, and can sneak into the monitoring system of the Bellagio camera. This information creates a copy of the bolt space so that Chinese academy can practice moving in space without touching the floor fixed to the sensor. On the day of the planned robbery case, Gang, the owner of the casino, told his phone that the safe was cleaned and the thief was watching the screen of the monitoring center. Both sides are consistent with the band leaving half of the money in the safe if the thief leaves the casino without the owner calling the police and intervening. Otherwise, the gang destroys the remaining accounts of the firebox in the Eastern District.

The owner agrees, but stops the car at the airport in an effort to surpass the band. Next you will know that thousands of machines are controlled remotely and only valuable memos are in your wallet. The strength I saw in his camera image was a picture taken by a replica of a safe. Using this trick, the band has enough time to clean the safe. This dress like swat (Swat) is kept in a safe with police team with no problem in casino security and you can smuggle bills into equipment pocket while not knowing bills. Planning to go planning to violate their testing requirements when coming to Nevada, Danny again needs to move in one prison for a year and a half, no one can prove his sacrifice I can do it. Ocean’s Eleven’s patch booty! We encourage you to watch this casino pirated movie (บา คา ร่า)!

The movie “21” posted on the German screen in 2008, MIT student math teacher who does not know how to teach based on real stories tells a very interesting story. A professor played by Kevin Spacey will appear. Professor develops a sophisticated system that can calculate the Blackjack card and the price is virtually guaranteed. In order to earn money with his sophisticated strategy, he is looking for superior intellectual talent. So he teaches his tricks with students and plunder Las Vegas casino. On the weekend, reading maps hid in Las Vegas with huge success due to hidden movements. Of course, this does not justify it to the casino operator over time. The card reader’s strategy was developed in 1962 by mathematician Edward O. Thorp and can be understood by middle-aged mathematicians. Blackjack will be played on 312 cards composed of 6 French cards. Once played cards will not mix on the stack. So you can remember the cards already played and draw conclusions about what cards are on the stack. It does not actually recognize the card, but it divides it into specific values ​​and counts. “21” shows how to be able to “steal” a casino in a sophisticated manner, although there is no movie dealing with a typical robbery case. Counting cards is not prohibited but means a great financial loss to the casino. Recent casinos are taking measures to interrupt the calculation of the card. In the end it is a Hollywood work that is worth seeing.