Buy Real Instagram Followers- How Instagram Works?

The world of Instagram, the new global phenomenon In recent years, Instagram is one of the most used applications in the world: actors, singers and players share moments of their day through this social network. Everyone is talking about it, your friends, your family, but if you’re here, it means you probably do not have a clue what Instagram really is and how it works. With this valuable guide, you’ll learn everything you need to know about Instagram. Follow step by step this article, where I will show you all aspects of this application: we will see where to download and how to register, how to upload content and follow the most interesting personalities not to lose the last posts of your favorite stars.

What is Instagram for?

Instagram was born not long ago, the app was developed by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, two graduates of the prestigious American Stanford University. Initially launched only on the Apple Store, the virtual market for Apple devices, Instagram was immediately a big hit, and downloads 10,000 times in just one hour. Now, of course, it can be installed on different operating systems, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, etc … You just need to have wi-fi access that will allow you to surf the Internet and download the application . To date, it is used by millions of people who can post and share photos. This application really touches everyone, even the Royal House of England on the occasion of the birth of the future King George decided to communicate the happy event via Instagram as well as tennis champion Andy Murray who posted him a video to thank his fans after his victory at Wimbledon

Where and how to download Instagram

Want to join your friends who share their photos via Instagram?

All you have to do is take your smartphone or tablet, and click on the app downloads icon (App Store for Apple, Play Store for Android and Windows Store for Windows Phone), type Instagram in the bar search and press the download key. Of course, make sure you have enough space on your phone, because Instagram is a bit heavy, like the Facebook application. If you can not find it, you can take a look at the sections of the applications in fashion or those chosen by the developers: it will surely be one of the first. Once downloaded, you must click on the icon of the application and you will see the login screen (do not forget to report loading problems to developers): below, you will find: You do not have to account? You record, what you will need to do.

There are three ways to register:

By e-mail With your phone number Directly with your Facebook account the latter is the fastest since you have nothing to fill. If you have chosen by e-mail or with your mobile phone, you must first indicate your full name, then the password of your account and finally the profile picture that will represent you; by pressing Next you can select your username (also for those who register via Facebook). Finally, you’ll have to decide if you want to find your phone’s contacts on Instagram: if you do not want to do this, you can easily skip this step.

How does Instagram work? Upload your photos to Instagram

Now that you have finished recording, you can already post photos. Just press + in the center to take a picture directly, or if you want to download one in your cell phone gallery, hold down the key and select Library.To load more items, you must press Select multiple items (pretty basic). Before you post the photo, you can decide to apply a filter (the most famous are the vintage filters), edit the photo using the different tools, or leave it as it is. Now, in the top bar, you can decide to share it as a public post or send it directly to your contact in the form of a private post. In any case, you can choose to add a caption. You can also “tag” people, add the place where you took the photo and share it on other social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Flickr. You just need to tap Share and the image will be displayed or sent. Always use the + button to load a video, adding an effect: to change the intensity, just double-click the filter name. If you do not want audio, slide on the speaker. Sharing and sending options are the same as those for images.

How to interact with photos

Now you know how to share photos and videos, so it’s time to know how the Instagram social network works. This means that you can interact with the different content: you can enjoy, comment and share all the photos that capture your attention, and also be other users. Pressing the magnifying glass icon will take you to the Explorer section where you will find many popular items. To put “I like” just click on the heart symbol below the photo, the bubble as a drawing allows you to comment. By clicking on the paper plane, you can send the photo as a private message and mark it as a favorite. To find it just go to your user profile (thumbnail icon at the bottom right) in the Saved Items section.

Followers and Hashtag on Instagram

These two terms are very common, and if you want to know everything about Instagram, you do not know what they mean. You Follow when you click on the Follow button next to a user profile that will allow you to miss anything from its posts: from that moment, any new image that it displays will appear on your Home screen. You too can get followers (buy real instagram followers)! If you want to know how to increase your Instagram followers (buy real instagram followers), take a look at our article on the subject. A hashtag is a word in the caption of a photo or video preceded by the symbol “diez” (#): this allows you to classify a photo in a given category, making it visible to anyone watching this category. For an example, if you put a photo of a foreign city, you can put the hashtag #travel: so those looking for images in the travel category will be able to see it.

Anything can become a hashtag: terms, phrases: it’s no coincidence that many influencers and companies use funny and funny slogans to capture the attention of those who use Instagram. Perhaps you remember Lorenzo Fragola’s song “Out There Is The Sun”: Here’s an example of how the hashtag is used in different worlds, not just digital. Recently, Instagram has added new tools to share even more photos and videos in real time: Story and Direct. You will be able to download photos that “self-destruct” within 24 hours, and will be visible at the top of your home screen and by your followers (buy real instagram followers). You will not be able to save the stories of others: you can communicate with those who posted them directly by private message. The second is the live video, where you can see who is watching you at this precise time.

Is Instagram dangerous? Some recommendations

Now you know everything you need to know about Instagram but before you use it here are some caveats on its use: remember that the photos you share must not mount nudity or sexual content, or even incitement to racism, discrimination, or indeed violence of any kind. In the account settings, you can change the type of your profile: If you choose “public”, it will be accessible to everyone, but if you prefer to have a private account, you can decide whether or not to accept a new Followers to follow you, and you decide who can access your content. Even if you use a private profile, remember that your followers (buy real instagram followers) can see everything you post and if you use a public profile everyone has free access to your photos and videos. Never post pictures of others without their consent, especially if they are private photos. Use common sense. With all this, I hope the article has been helpful to you. If you want to know more about this social network, you should read our other articles in the Instagram Post section.