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Earth sciences is the study of Earth broadly encompasses solid Geophysics, Earth processes, surface and atmospheric science, climate and climate change, oceanography, and ecology.

If you want to explore the depths beneath your feet and the sky above you, NovaMedia is the place to be. This blog is a must read for those having passion for the Earth science, also known as geoscience. We intend to be a source like no other on the blogosphere when it comes to understand earth sciences. Our goal is to be the go-to site for breaking news, exclusive content and breakthroughs related to earth sciences.

With a mission to inform the public on the science of Earth, NovaMedia is devoted to providing accurate and verifiable information in the forms of interesting and engaging earth science news, feature articles, reviews, opinion pieces by scientists, writers, journalists and editors. We intend to inform the readers of discoveries and latest happenings in geoscientific research.

NovaMedia is a one-stop destination for different stakeholders devoted to Earth Sciences. It brings together geologists, palaeontologists and prehistorians under one common platform.  Here the reader will find links to the latest research and commentary by experts with various points of view.

Meant for a general audience spread across the earth science disciplines in various fields, we bring high-quality, credible, trustworthy and unbiased content on topics ranging from natural resources, the environment,  energy, natural disasters and to paleontology and space exploration  for the novice and the experienced user alike. Each article of the blog meticulously researched.  But don’t just take our word for it. Read our posts and you will get to know what we can do are upto.

We verify the accuracy of the information we publish. We take special care in checking the credibility of the sources from which that information comes.

We welcome comments, posts, suggestions and informed debate.

Interested in writing for NovaMedia? We engage a variety of outside writers including scientists, freelance writers and students working in ecology, environmental and climate science to write for our blog. Get in touch with us for our guidelines on blogging, and pitch your idea!